Interior Waterproofing Solutions

The Dual Pressure Relief System

Underground veins of water allow ground water to travel through the very comĀ­pressed landscape in your yard. This picture shows what happens if any of the veins come into contact with the area disturbed when your foundation was installed.

Stopping hydrostatic & lateral pressure

Basement Solutions digs a 12″ x 12″ trench along your footing and installs a 4″ corrugated pipe that is pitched downward. This makes it self-cleaning due to the uneven bottom pitched down to the basin. We surround the pipe with 3/4″ gravel to funnel and filter the ground water toward the pipe which keeps the basement dry.

We then install the ‘flow channel’ on the footing and 4″ up the foundation wall. The flow channel allows the free flow of air and water to ensure the system does not clog. Finally, we top it off with a vapor barrier and 3-4″ of 4,000 PSI concrete.

sump Pumps

Sump pumps are a crucial element in any complete waterproofing solution. We use two pumps: a commercial-grade pump, and a backup pump.

Corrugated Pipe

The corrugated pipe allows us to dig under furnaces, hot water heaters and other objects that needn’t be moved to have a dry basement. We also bend it around corners to keep the water flowing easilly. The flexibility of the pipe also allows us to leave engineering tabs in monolithic foundations which keeps your foundation strong and stable.

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