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What causes damp musty odors?

Mold and mildew cause this damp, musty smell that starts in your basement but then creeps upstairs. They are musty smelling fungi that thrive in moist conditions and their spores float in the air and get on your belongings and even come upstairs. Keeping humidity down reduces the chance for mold to grow. In general, mold will not grow at less than 50% relative humidity! Get a free inspection to let our experts determine what is causing your moisture problem and how to eliminate it.

Does moisture increase allergens in the home?

Yes. Moisture (from water seepage to stale stagnant basement air) will allow mold spores to grow which will certainly irritate someone with allergies. However, the number one allergen is the fecal matter of dust mites. Dust mites don’t drink water, but absorb it out of the air through their skin. In order to live, dust mites need relative humidity over 50%. A damp musty dank basement is where dust mites thrive and multuply. Reducing the relative humidity below 50% will cause dust mites to die off. Get a free inspection to let our experts determine what is causing your moisture problem and how to eliminate it and get rid of that basement odor.

How do I know if a contractor is licensed and trustworthy?

Check The BBB website and the Consumer Protection website of your county/state before you contact any company. Go with your feelings if you feel uncomfortable with a person do not do business with them. Get a copy of the insurance certificate with you listed as a certificate holder. Ask if they use Subcontractors, if they do then you need the insurance certificate of the subcontractor. Only people who receive a company paycheck are covered by the insurance so make sure the company only brings company employees to dry out your wet basement.

Should I check to see if the license is active?

YES! You must always deal only with a licensed contractor who is bonded and insured. You are your best protection. The BBB and the consumer protection of your county/state can only help those who help themselves. It it seems like it is too good to be true it usually is!

What causes leaky basements/crawl spaces?

There are many causes to wet leaking foundations and basements. A free inspection on the inside and outside of your home by our trained experts will determine why you have the water problem/damp musty smell or foul odors and Basement Solutions will offer you the most cost effective means to solve the issues.

How do I get a free inspection?

Call 866-504-0007 for a FREE inspection and estimate or visit our Contact Us page to fill out the form. Once we have received and reviewed your information/request, we will contact you in a timely manner.

How long does it take to waterproof a home?

It can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to complete a basement waterproofing job. We treat one customer at a time and will come back the next working day until the job is completed and you are left with a dry basement.

If my basement leaked once, will it leak again?

Yes, your basement will leak again. Only basement waterproofing will keep the basement dry and usable. Weather conditions have become more severe over the past two decades and more and more foundations are leaking with ground water into the basemnts.

Can water damage my foundation?

Yes, many foundations are being further damaged by unseen water on a daily basis. Do not increase your expenditure by delaying the inevitable. Get your basement waterproofed as soon as possible.

Do we have to empty our basement for work to be done?

No, moving breakable items and electronic components is advisable. Our crew can move heavy items off of the outside walls into the middle of the basement.

Do we have a customer referral list that we can use to talk with previous customers?

Yes, we have a Customer referral list which can be emailed or mailed directly to you.

Can I wait and take care of the problem in 6 months?

You can but too often homeowners have either ignored or were unaware of potential water problems. They have then finished their basement, and the much needed rooms: recreation rooms, dens and bedrooms; were ruined due to dampness or wetness. Warped paneling, mildewed furniture, ruined carpeting and tile are unfortunate results of this moisture issue. Many losses are to stored items that are irreplaceable, as well as the items mentioned above.

The longer dampness is in your home, the more mildew and vermin will increase. Both create a serious health hazard for the family, aggravated by high humidity within the home. Termites and Carpenter ants are attracted by dampness and can cause extensive damage to the structure of the home.

Water in the home greatly reduces its resale value. More and more people think of their basement as added living space, such as a game room, family room, or summer kitchen. A dry cellar, basement, or crawl space will help sell any home. But a wet or damp basement or crawl space may easily reduce the value of a home by as much as 25%.

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